Cashman Center Parking Lot

[VR Morph by Howard Goldbaum]

By the time the initial image in this video was taken, the Las Vegas Ranch belonged to the past and tumbleweeds and desert brush covered what had been farmland. Today, the ranch is part of the Cashman Field Center. Behind it are not weeds and a fence, but miles of homes going up into mountains that once ringed a largely uninhabited valley.

When this land was part of the Las Vegas Ranch, it produced fruit and vegetables. That may surprise modern observers of the desert city of Las Vegas, but after all, Las Vegas's name comes from the Spanish for "the meadows." The land later belonged to the Elks Lodge and eventually became part of the Cashman Field Center, which is visible to the left at the end of the morphing multimedia presentation.

Visible beyond the parking lot are Frenchman Mountain and Sunrise Mountain. Sunrise Mountain is at the far left, and its name reflects the sun rising behind it. Many people mistakenly refer to the whole range as Sunrise, but it is actually Frenchman Range, misnamed for a Belgian who lived on the mountain early in the twentieth century—when the area looked much as it did in the original photo in this presentation.

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