Control Tower - A Sculpture by Peter Shire

Best known for his innovative work in ceramics, Peter Shire (b. 1947) is represented in Nevada by the sculpture Control Tower. Originally commissioned by the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, the sculpture was situated in the central staircase, rising from the ground floor to the main departure area. During a major renovation of the space, the artwork was put into storage. Whimsical and colorful, it was installed in 2001 at the entrance to KNPR’s Donald W. Reynolds broadcasting studios in Las Vegas.

Peter Shire is a Los Angeles, California native, and a lifelong resident of Echo Park, a suburb of LA, where his home and studio are located. Shire attended the Chouinard Art Institute in LA, graduating with a bachelor of fine arts in 1970. He is internationally renowned, with collections and exhibitions spanning the globe.

Shire’s earliest, and still best known works, are his inventive ceramic teapots. Teapots have remained a theme throughout his career, while he has explored furniture, architectural design, sculpture and two-dimensional media. Much of his work is at the boundaries between fine art and industrial design, always pushing the limits of each.

Shire’s work is also marked by the use of bright colors, organic shapes, mixed media, and an abiding sense of humor.

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