Delphine Anderson Squires

Delphine Anderson Squires helped build the community of Las Vegas with her husband, Charles Pember "Pop" Squires. She was born in 1868 in Portage City, Wisconsin. As a child, Squires moved to Minnesota, where she met her future husband. She received a teaching degree in music from the state Normal School in Winona, Minnesota. The couple married in 1889, making their home in Redlands, California. They later moved to Los Angeles and had four children. C.P. sold real estate and Delphine was active in the Congress of Mothers, the predecessor of the national Parent Teacher Association.

Squires' husband relocated to Las Vegas in 1905. A year later, she and their children followed him to the desert town, where they made their home on Fremont Street. C.P. became publisher and editor of the Las Vegas Age, and Delphine worked as a columnist for the newspaper.

The young community lacked many of the cultural and educational opportunities that Squires had found in Los Angeles, and so she set about improving the quality of life in Las Vegas. She became active in local civic affairs by establishing a branch of the Congress of Mothers in Las Vegas in 1907, and by participating in the local suffrage movement. Squires was a founding member of the Mesquite Club, a civic service organization, and a member of the Nevada Federated Women's Clubs. She was instrumental in bringing the first nationally affiliated church to Las Vegas, the Christ Church Episcopal. Squires also helped to found the Las Vegas Library. She died in 1961.

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