Andrea Graham

Elizabeth Brady

Elizabeth Brady was a connecting link between the past and the future for the Shoshone people of Nevada. Raised in a very traditional family in Battle Mountain and Beowawe and speaking only Shoshone until she went to school, Brady absorbed stories, songs, and skills in beadwork and willow basketry that she carried all her life. Brady was particularly known for her cradleboards, which were made with a bent dogwood frame, rows of fine willow sticks held together with more split willows, and a cover of brain-tanned buckskin.

Eddie Brooks

Saddlemaker Eddie Brooks is a transplanted Texan whose roots have grown deep into the buckaroo country around Elko. Brooks started working with leather as a boy, apprenticed in the saddle making trade, and was working in a Texas shop in 1964 when he was hired to run the saddle shop at Capriola's in Elko. He says that Nevada buckaroos "went everywhere horseback," so they really needed and appreciated well-made saddles. Working with them helped him develop his skills to a high art.

Bill Maloy

Bill Maloy was a quiet presence in Nevada's cowboy gear-making community for over fifty years, crafting exquisitely tooled saddles for those in the know.


Artown is an annual monthlong festival of the arts held in Reno every July. The celebration includes hundreds of performances of music, dance, and theater, visual arts exhibitions, films, and activities for children and families. The Artown organization, a nonprofit entity, books most of the larger national touring acts, but over 90 percent of the presenters are local organizations using local artists.

Zoria Zetaruk

Zoria Zetaruk is a unique Nevada treasure. She was born in Alberta, Canada, to Ukrainian immigrant parents and grew up with the traditions, foods, and crafts of that culture. She learned the art of pysanky, or decorated eggs, from her mother, who used to pretend she couldn't see well in order to get Zoria to draw the designs for her.

Adam Fortunate Eagle

Although he is a Chippewa from Minnesota, Adam Fortunate Eagle has become an established artist in Nevada's native American community.


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