Mary Ellen Glass

Phyllis J. Walsh: An Oral History

Phyllis J. Walsh: From Lorgnettes to Lariats – In Loving Recollection of the S Bar S Ranch, Where Work Hardened Our Hands, While Visitors Lightened Our Hearts

Interviewee: Phyllis J. Walsh
Interviewed: 1971
Published: 1973
Interviewer: Mary Ellen Glass
UNOHP Catalog #061

Harry Hawkins: An Oral History

Harry Hawkins: Douglas-Alpine History

Interviewee: Harry Hawkins
Interviewed: 1965
Published: 1967
Interviewer: Mary Ellen Glass
UNOHP Catalog #016

Harry Hawkins was born in Alpine County, California, in 1881. His grandparents were among the earliest settlers in the area of Woodfords, on the property where Mr. Hawkins still resides. His home, which he calls “the castle of mystery,” is a storehouse of local memorabilia—artifacts, documents, photographs.

H. Clyde Mathews, Jr.: An Oral History

Oral Autobiography of a Modern-­Day Baptist Minister­, Life in California, Missionary to the Reno­Sparks Indian Colony, Office of Economic Opportunity, Nevada Politics and Civic Affairs

Interviewee: Clyde Mathews, Jr.
Interviewed: 1967-1968
Published: 1969
Interviewer: Mary Ellen Glass
UNOHP Catalog #029

John Dressler: An Oral History

John Dressler: Recollections of a Washoe Statesmen

Interviewee: John Dressler
Interviewed: 1970
Published: 1972
Interviewer: Mary Ellen Glass
UNOHP Catalog #049

Clark J. Guild

Clark Joseph Guild was born in Nevada in 1887. He is best known for his long career as a district judge and as the founder of the Nevada State Museum. Clark Guild’s life was a long, distinguished one.

Milton Badt: Oral History

Milton B. Badt, Associate Justice of the Nevada State Supreme Court, was a member of a pioneer Nevada family. His father, Morris Badt, was one of the state’s early merchants, arriving in Elko County in 1868.

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