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Marvin Dressler and Ted Sallee: An Oral History

Marvin Dressler and Ted Sallee: A Contribution to a Survey of Life in Carson Valley from First Settlement through the 1950s

Interviewee: Marvin Dressler and Ted Sallee
Interviewed: 1984
Published: 1984
Interviewer: R. T. King
UNOHP Catalog #113

John Dressler: An Oral History

John Dressler: Recollections of a Washoe Statesmen

Interviewee: John Dressler
Interviewed: 1970
Published: 1972
Interviewer: Mary Ellen Glass
UNOHP Catalog #049

John Wesley North

Nevada territorial Supreme Court Justice John Wesley North played an important role in the pivotal single ledge case. Born in Sand Lake, New York in 1815, North began teaching school at age fifteen. In 1833, he became a licensed lay preacher. While continuing to teach, he attended the Cazenovia Theological Seminary in New York. In 1838, North entered Wesleyan University and began lecturing against slavery. 

James F. Lewis

In 1864, the voters elected James F. Lewis, as one of the three original men to serve as a supreme court justice on the first Nevada Supreme Court bench. Henry Beatty and Cornelius Brosnan were the other men elected at the same time, and at age 28, Lewis was the youngest of the original jurists.   

Cornelius M. Brosnan

In 1864, the people elected Cornelius Brosnan, one of three men to serve as a justice on the first Nevada Supreme Court bench. He had only lived in Virginia City since 1862.

Clark J. Guild

Clark Joseph Guild was born in Nevada in 1887. He is best known for his long career as a district judge and as the founder of the Nevada State Museum. Clark Guild’s life was a long, distinguished one.

Procter R. Hug, Jr.

Procter R. Hug Jr., a native Nevadan, has made a lasting mark on Nevada’s institutional, legal, and judicial history. Born March 11, 1931, in Reno, he describes an “ideal childhood,” with parents who nurtured and encouraged a bright, busy, and optimistic child. Judge Hug’s memory of early teachers is an early harbinger of his success as a high school debate champion—fertile ground for the future lawyer and judge.

Peter I. Breen

It is no accident that tradition, history, and continuity are important to the Hon. Peter I. Breen, Judge of the Second Judicial District, Washoe County, Nevada. As a native Nevadan and the third generation of his namesake and family to be a lawyer and a judge, the law beckoned.

Cameron M. Batjer

The adage “once a teacher, always a teacher” best describes Justice Batjer’s life. The native Nevadan son of a pioneer family, and son of a teacher, Justice Batjer instructed people in how to live their lives through example and by embodying a fair-minded application of the rule of law.

Cliff Young

Interviews with Nevada Supreme Court Justice Cliff Young were conducted during May, June, and July of 1999 at his home south of Reno. The setting is peaceful and relaxed—a ten-acre ranchette with a large pond near the front entrance and a driveway through mature shade trees. The Young ranch house is well-known to many who have been invited to enjoy a summer barbeque. The big, black lab Jet, who was Justice Young’s constant companion except when chasing ducks out of the pond, welcomed this visitor.


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