Myron Lake

Virginia Street Bridge

The Virginia Street Bridge gained its fame during Reno's heyday as the divorce capital of the nation. Lore had it that immediately after receiving their decree, women would march to the center of the bridge and, in an emphatic good-riddance, throw their wedding rings into the Truckee River (less satisfying but safer than tossing the ex-husband over the rail).

Arts for All Nevada

Arts for All Nevada (formerly VSA arts of Nevada) was founded in 1986 to provide arts programming to all Nevadans, especially the 15 percent of the population with some kind of disability. The organization provides art classes and workshops for children and adults, produces festivals, places artists in classrooms and health care facilities, and conducts training workshops for teachers. They are a member of the international VSA arts organization, which is an affiliate of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

Lake Mansion, Reno

Reno's Lake Mansion was completed in 1877 for one of the area's prominent families. It was later owned by Reno founder Myron Lake and other important families in Reno's history. Washington Jerome "Rome" Marsh, a wealthy rancher and land developer, and his wife Maria (or "Ria") bought land on the northwest corner of South Virginia Street and California Avenue from Lake for $375 in June 1876, and built the house for their seven children at this location over the next year.

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